Run Flat Tires

What Are Run Flat Tires?

Nothing derails a road trip faster than a flat tire, especially when the flat tire leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Consider Run Flat Tires an insurance policy that can help protect you from this situation! If your tire gets punctured, Run Flat Tires keep you going.

Here’s how it works! As the tire loses pressure, the Run Flat Tire’s supporting sidewall structure allows you to drive about 50 miles at 50 MPH or less. The tire’s special design keeps the tire from separating from the wheel. In other words, you can make it to your destination or a safe place where you can pop on your spare.

When Run Flat Tires Won’t Quit

What’s it really like to drive with a set of Run Flat tires? See if any of these scenarios sound familiar.

  • You go through a construction zone and your tire gets a nail in it, but it’s 10:00 at night and you’re not exactly in the safest area. You don’t feel comfortable pulling over in the dark. With Run Flat Tires, you can avoid this scary and downright dangerous scenario. You can keep driving up to 50 miles, which means you can get somewhere safe and well-lit.
  • You feel your tire blow out as you’re cruising on the highway, in the fast lane, no less. You try to stay calm and maintain control of your steering wheel as you simultaneously try to cut over four lanes of traffic to get to the shoulder of the road. Sounds scary, right? With Run Flat tires, you don’t need to have the emergency driving skills of a stuntman or racecar driver. Reduce your speed to 50 mph or below, and you’re good to go for 50 more miles.

Run Flat Tires from Wheel Works are much more than tires. They offer security and peace of mind by helping you avoid these unsafe situations.

Make the Switch to Run Flat Tires

Invest in safety, and make the safest choice for you and your passengers. Get a quote for Run Flat tires online and schedule an installation appointment at your local Wheel Works today! 

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