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Convenient Safer Service Options for Your Oil Change

Save money on your next oil change service with coupons from Wheel Works. Each oil change comes with a free, 19-point inspection to keep your engine running newer longer. Snag one of these deals and schedule an oil change at your nearby Wheel Works today!

Get up to

$100 Back by Mail

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$70 on a set of 4 Eligible Tires + $30 when you use your Wheel Works Card

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on 4 Firestone Tires

$60 on a set of 4 Eligible Tires + $30 when you use your Wheel Works Card

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Four Velox Wheels

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Lifetime Alignment

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Time For An Oil Change Service?

Wondering how often to change oil? Then you might be overdue for an oil change.

Here's the thing: a working engine creates lots of friction. The many parts in your engine create extreme heat through friction. Oil keeps the moving parts lubricated and reduces the heat. It also contains special additives to help your engine work more efficiently. Over time, the constant heat in your engine begins to break down the oil. Small bits of debris and dirt can get into the oil over time, making it less effective. To protect your engine at all times, your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the oil and oil filter regularly.

Oil change frequency will vary from car to car and truck to truck, but a change every 3,000 miles is typically recommended. It's best to always check your vehicle manufacturer's recommended interval though. If you are overdue or unsure about your last oil change, schedule an appointment today. Wheel Works keeps your oil changes on schedule with low prices.

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Now that's an easy question? Find your nearest Wheel Works to get a fast, full service oil change. Many locations are open on the weekends, making it convenient to get an oil change in a jiffy. Stop by or schedule an appointment online today!

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