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Your Complete Auto Repair Shop The Best Parts, Prices & People

Visit Wheel Works for vehicle repair you can count on and prices you can afford. Schedule a repair appointment online today!

An Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

With over 30 years of tire expertise, Wheel Works strives to keep cars healthy and customers happy. We don’t just deal in wheels, though! Our trusted, ASE-certified technicians can handle all of your needs, whether it’s an oil change, A/C or radiator services, a vehicle inspection, or an engine tune-up. From bumper to bumper, your car is in good hands at Wheel Works.

Vehicle Repair Services at Wheel Works

Brake Repair

Squeaky brakes? A soft brake pedal? Taking longer to come to a stop? Your brakes are one of your vehicle's most important safety features, which means brake problems are something you want to "stop" and take care of right away. If you hear strange brake noises, feel shaking in the steering wheel when braking, or your brake pedal feels spongy, it's time to visit the professionals for a brake repair. Beyond repair, we also offer preventative brake services, brand name brake pads and parts, and free brake inspections.

Learn more about brake repair at Wheel Works.

Heating and Cooling Repair

Did you know that the combustion chamber inside your vehicle’s engine can reach 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s HOT. Your radiator is in charge of cooling down your engine so that things don’t overheat and cause an engine breakdown. Because the radiator has such an important job, it’s equally important to get it serviced regularly! Keeping your vehicle cool under the hood will help you keep your cool on the road. Consult your owner’s manual to see the recommended time or mileage intervals between radiator services.

Learn more about heating and cooling repair.

Engine Service

Taking care of your engine is one of the best ways to keep your car running for the long haul. Our skilled technicians have serviced over 500 million vehicles since 1927, so whether your check engine light is on or you're in need of a engine tune-up, we've got you covered.

See what our engine services include.

Shocks and Struts

Keep on the straight and narrow with an alignment check, complete wheel alignment, or steering and suspension service. Taking care of your shocks and struts can help make sure your ride stays nice and smooth for the long haul.

Learn more about suspension repair and service

Battery and Electrical

Your car's battery supplies the power to start your engine. An old, worn car battery can prevent your vehicle from properly starting or maintaining electrical power. Visit Wheel Works for a complete electrical system test of your alternator, starter, car battery, and car battery cables. Our technicians can keep everything in working order!

Learn about battery testing and replacement.

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