Car Service Center in Belmont, CA

Wheel Works is your local auto repair and maintenance shop in Belmont. We can even service your gas-powered, electric, or hybrid vehicle from bumper to bumper. Make a service appointment for your battery, tires, engine, suspension, brakes, and more today!


At Wheel Works, we’re dedicated to giving you and your vehicle quality care. Whether you need tires, maintenance, or repairs, we believe all our work should include a superior selection of parts and excellent customer service. It’s all part of our commitment to keeping your car on the road longer. No appointment? No problem! Walk-ins are always welcome at Wheel Works. Visit a location near you today.

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Visit Wheel Works for Auto Repair Services in Belmont

Even if you take perfect care of your vehicle, you know nothing can last forever. That includes the parts and systems in your vehicle, too. Head to Wheel Works in Belmont when your vehicle needs repairs. Our friendly and educated technicians can repair all kinds of under-the-vehicle and under-the-hood-issues. Make an appointment or stop by for steering and suspension work, HVAC repair, brake check and rotor replacement, engine repair, and battery testing and replacement.

Not sure what part of your vehicle needs attention? No need to worry. Every visit starts with a free courtesy check of your lights, filters, wipers, tires, battery, belts, and hoses. We'll inform you of any potential problems we encounter that could lead to a big repair expense and give you options for fixing them. We'll never complete any auto repairs without your permission.

Help Head Off Repairs with Car Maintenance in Belmont

Bringing your vehicle in for manufacturer-recommended maintenance is one of the simplest ways to help avoid costly repairs in the first place. It's almost the same as having a leak in your roof. Allowing a small leak to linger could result in mold growth, extreme water damage, and quite the headache. Maintain your roof, repair the leak, and help keep your home in great condition. Attend to your vehicle by maintaining its numerous components and replacing parts that wear out before they break. Visit Wheel Works in Belmont for all your routine auto maintenance, like drivetrain care, oil and oil filter changes, wheel alignment, and radiator service. These services help your engine stay lubricated and at the optimal temperature, and your vehicle's tires move across the pavement smoothly.

Wheel Works Also Services Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in Belmont!

You likely already know you can bring a gas or diesel vehicle to Wheel Works, but did you know you can also come in for electric and hybrid car services in Belmont? You read that right! Our technicians are trained to carry out most conventional and low voltage services for EV and hybrid SUVs, trucks, and cars. These services include regular maintenance, such as tire repair, wheel alignment, brake inspection/repair, and oil changes if your extended range EV has a combustion engine. Our EV/Hybrid services also include manufacturer-suggested maintenance items and high voltage system diagnostics and repairs. Not every location has high voltage service capabilities, so check with your Belmont Wheel Works first. Then stop on by!

Turn to Wheel Works for Auto Services in Belmont

The word "wheel" is in our name, but we go far beyond selling and repairing tires. We care about your car just as much as you do. Make an appointment for auto maintenance or repair in Belmont, and you'll feel like an old friend. You'll receive a fair and honest price for work done to the best of our ability, and you'll be back on the road in no time.



When you bring your car or truck to us, we’ll make more than your wheels work. In addition to our large selection of quality tires, we also offer vehicle maintenance and repair services. From a new set of wheels, to tune-ups, to brake repair, we’ll take care of all the important parts between your bumpers. Find out more about our tires, auto services, and offers below.


Careers — Become a Teammate

Careers — Become a Teammate

It's the people under the hoods and in the showroom that really keep Wheel Works running. Join a team that puts drivers first and works to make California roads safer, one vehicle and service at a time. Whether you're a technician, retail sales associate, or manager, you'll find yourself solving problems and serving drivers. Benefits include a competitive salary or wage, health insurance for you and your loved ones, and even apprentice training for some positions. Call 877-734-9512, text BRIDGESTONE to 97211*, or click below to find Wheel Works job.

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