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Keep your vehicle up and running with a tune-up from Wheel Works.

For the engine to properly power your vehicle, hundreds of complex components must operate together. Over time, these components can wear out and stop working.

What is a Tune-Up?

While technology has helped to change the engine "tune-up", the typical engine works the same as ever. It still involves clean gas and air driving to cylinders, and a spark plug igniting combustion for the power to move your vehicle. Clogged fuel injectors, dirty air and fuel filters and corroded spark plugs all harm engine performance and create problems. That's why we always examine your vehicle's air filter and suggest you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for replacing key components.

Is it time for a Tune-Up?

It may be time for a "tune-up" if you notice any of the following:

  • Decreased gas mileage
  • Noticeable power loss
  • "Rough" engine running or stalling when at stops
  • Engine "knocking" during acceleration or running-on after turning off the ignition
  • "Check Engine" or "Service Engine" lights stay on

Wheel Works Suggestions

Performing a standard tune-up, or spark plug replacement, at the suggested maintenance interval will make your engine easier to start, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and restore lost power.

We may also recommend a Fuel System Cleaning to remove harmful deposits and help your vehicle maximize its performance and gas mileage.

From fixing a fuel system problem when it occurs to helping you prevent one in the future, Wheel Works is here to keep your engine "tuned-up" and ready to go.

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